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Proven Wholesale Sourcing is a new approach to selling wholesale online brought to you by Jim Cockrum and Robyn Johnson.

Some background on Robyn...
Robyn is a top performing student of ours. She went from having only $100 in investment funds to selling over $1million on Amazon and hundreds of thousands on eBay. She's got a unique, repeatable system that she's using to find more wholesale inventory than she can possibly purchase.

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Tired of looking for wholesale courses and not knowing all the steps that leaves you confused? Well Jim  decided to put together a system of  modules and training videos to help viewers build a wholesale business online fast.proven wholesale sourcing

You will see 5 modules from the first things to do and walking the through the entire process like find tradeshows and how to identify potential vendors.

How to evaluating bringing a new item to the Amazon marketplace.  You will have a complete training program from experts in the industry showing you step by step what to do.

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This course consist of 5 modules including a bonus one. 

The first module will start you with Robyn, who has partner up with Jim.  Robyn has a strong business now and like you started out green.  Robyn will explain how she start and how to get start.  She will review the terminology of the wholesale industry and what they mean and much more.

Second Module:
  • Help you Find Wholesales
  • How to use Trade Shows
  • What to Look for in Amazon
  • Identifies the Best Vendors

Third Module:
  • How to Evaluate A Wholesale List
  • What to Look for in Accounts
  • What to Narrow in on the Best and Profitable Products.
  • Strategies on Using Niche Companies and Name Brand

Fourth Module:
  • Obtaining Your Own Item and Getting to the Amazon Marketplace.
  • Prepare the best strategies on shipments
  • Show how to enhance your items and get them sold faster.

Fifth Module:
  • How to Capitalize on new specials
  • Minimize storage fees
  • Maintain all of your accounts in a easy and efficient manner.
  • Streamline all of your Re-orders.

Also, you will receive a BONUS module to help you get in the search engines quickly and how to generate
keywords for you new listings

The Video Series

The video series takes you through all the training systems that work in different ways and shows you how to take the best parts from each wholesale system and incorporate it into a effect online program.

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The Book

The Proven Wholesale Sourcing ebook (also instantly downloadable) details how to get the best product choices, the most important parts of wholesale structures and inventory calculations.

Click here to get the Proven Wholesale Sourcing now *

Proven Wholesale Sourcing

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